Radio Station: Montreal
Indie / Pop

Montreal singer-songwriter, thaïs explores the sounds of an airy and sparkling French pop. With her soft and controlled voice, she sings about the melancholy, the loneliness and the love disorders that often inspire her. The delicate arrangements of an electric guitar accompany her, while keeping her indie signature on a powerful electro sound.

‘Paradis Artificiel’ is the name of her first album, which will be released in spring of 2020.
Her first single ”Lou”, released in November 2019 has already entered the radio radar (Sirius XM, Stingray, Ici Premiere, CISM, CKRL). Her second single ” La nuit te resemble ” will be released on February 28, accompanied by his first music video.

Important dates :
– Artist selected at the Francouvertes 2020 (will be announced to the public on February 10th)
– Artist selected for the Groover showcase at Phoque Off Québec 2020


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Band video:

This is an extract of an acoustique live session at Troublemakers Studio in Montreal. On stage, thaïs is accompanied by electro sequences as in her original songs.