The Boys & I

Radio Station: Toronto
Alternative Rock,Classic Rock,Rock,Rock / Blues,Rock / Pop

Founded in 2018, The Boys & I are 4-piece alternative / classic rock influenced group. These uniquely talented men each carry their weight in this group.

In the short span of time they’ve been performing together, The Boys & I have managed to make the beginnings of a lasting mark on the local music scene. June of 2019 saw the group headlining the King St Food Truck Festival on the main stage at Carl Zehr Square, as well as opening for Warner Recording Artists, Courage My Love at the Wax Nightclub in Kitchener.

Each member brings their own unique talent to the group as a whole.
As the lead singer and principle songwriter of the group, James Blacktop take his cues from the great front-men of a bygone area, drawing from the influence of such greats as Steven Tyler, Billy Idol, and Axl Rose; James brings an unrelenting energy to the stage. As the principle songwriter of the group, James brings the depth heart and experience into every lyric he writes.

As lead guitarist, Marc Reilly brings passion, backed by a skill not often matched. Whether improvising a different blues solo every time we play our original song “I Can’t Quit You” to replicating the entire solo from “Hotel California” note for note. Marc deliver a virtuosity on his instrument that gives hope to genre as a whole.

Luke Ducharme holds together the rhythm section of the group on drums and percussion. His metronomic stability allows the rest of the to play around and land just where they need to. Don’t let his simplistic kit confuse you, this man can find the pocket in just about anything thrown at him.

Bringing up the low end while providing back vocals is Adom Postma; who’s a “by the book” sort of bassist, he’s just as apt playing with a pick as he is with his fingers. His melodic-style of playing and ear for harmonies keep the rest of the group sound just that much better.


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