The Dunlop Brothers

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Americana / Folk / Indie,Indie / Americana / Rock

Infused with a healthy dose of Steeltown grit, The Dunlop Brothers’ music is a product their hometown’s spirit of independence, quiet strength and raw authenticity.

There is true artistry in their compositions, as both Justin and Matt Dunlop have been well schooled in a host of musical styles, and are unafraid of bending genres and creating melodies, harmonies and rhythms that are compelling and highly memorable.

The results on their debut album Vol. 1 is a melding of jazz, blues and roots music, combined with the edgy Hamilton rock sensibility. Standout tracks such as “Old Dive Bar” dwell on the dues the brothers have paid over the years, while “Carved In My Mind” goes further into describing some of what we have seen, both good and bad, as they’ve pursued their goals. That drive is also evident in “All The Other Things,” which plays out almost as their mission statement.

Their natural link as siblings adds a special quality to the songs Justin and Matt write together. The pair each have their own musical experiences, preferences and journeys, but since they began pooling all their talents, energy and time on The Dunlop Brothers project, the results have been more than just satisfying.

The Dunlop Brothers’ varied influences – everything from jazz and pop to classic rock and down-and-dirty blues – is imbued in every note and every phrase on Vol. 1, recorded with engineer Mike Monson at Catherine North Studios in Hamilton. That vision includes continuing to write, record and perform songs that are filled with memorable instrumental and melodic hooks, deeply felt words that have depth, and an overall vibe that is as fun and entertaining as it is thought provoking.

New Single out now! “You Knew the Cost”
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Press for “You Knew the Cost” video/single:

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