The Filthy Radicals

Radio Station: Toronto
Punk Rock

The Filthy Radicals are a 6 piece Ska Punk band from Toronto, Ontario. Establishing themselves in 2008 in London Ontario, they transplanted themselves in the Toronto punk scene in 2014 and have since garnered quite a ‘filthy’ reputation. The have opened for several renowned touring punk rock acts at multiple venues across the city. The band brings a high energy show comprised of ripping guitar riffs, aggressive up strokes, punchy bass lines, harmonious key supplementation, a roaring horn section, and soaring vocal harmonies consisting of all 6 members of the band.

Their live show leaves fans voiceless and drenched in sweat, only wanting more. We could tell you more, but you’ll just have to witness the filthiness for yourself.

You can find their music online on all streaming services as well as at, on Instagram @thefilthyradicals, and on Facebook as The Filthy Radicals.


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