The Lad Classic

Radio Station: Toronto
Rock,Rock / Blues,Rock / Pop

From their inception, The Lad Classic have always pulled from the familiar and added their own flavour to create something unique. Evolving from rock origins the band has created something deeper, adding in their combined influences ranging from soul to pop, gospel to funk. Seeing it live translates into a high energy, sweaty mix of musical technicality and raw emotion, all while barely staying on the tracks.

Their latest single “Figure It Out” proved that the evolution of their sound is working. Handpicked by music industry veteran Alan Cross, “Figure It Out” was selected among 300 submissions and aired on Toronto’s Edge 102 as the “Undiscovered Gem of the Week”. This paired with their extensive touring history and opening for acts like One Bad Son, Texas King and The Beaches, has helped to move the band into new territory, appealing to a wide variety of fans.