The Matt Remenda Ensemble

Radio Station: Saskatoon
Folk / Alternative / Rock

Wielding an eclectic brand of folk/roots/jam rock, the Matt Remenda Ensemble flawlessly blends virtuosic solos with haunting and melancholic vocal harmonies. The Saskatoon based quartet, consisting of Matt Remenda (guitars and vocals), Nathan Abramyk (drums, percussion, didgeridoo), Cameron Baribeau (keys), and Michael Stankowski (bass and vocals), has been hailed as having a distinct sound that isn’t quite rock, isn’t quite country, isn’t quite punk, and isn’t quite jazz. Having just released their first album (So Long Forgotten) in 2018 and followed it up with a critically acclaimed EP (First the Heart) in 2019, the group has had a jam-packed year of honing their craft.


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