The Pits Planet Earth

Radio Station: Edmonton
Alternative,Art Rock,Pop / Alternative

An Art Rock/Power Pop group consisting of 3 part vocals, driving bass, melodic guitar, spacey synth and epic drums. It is a high energy, uplifting, and thought provoking project that includes tales of space, love, tragedy and the faults of humanity. With theatrical performance, moving melodies and powerful anthems, The Pits Planet Earth is destined for big stages. If Arcade Fire, The Killers, Mother Mother, Death Cab for Cutie, The Mars Volta, Macklemore fell into a giant’s blender, the uniquely delicious created would be The Pits Planet Earth. They desire to inspire and move people while making each live show an unforgettable spectacle.




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Full Album - Future Selves by The Pits Planet Earth (Live at The Duncan Showroom)