The Plugs

Radio Station: Toronto
Pop Punk

The Plugs are the sonic equivalent of burning the roof of your mouth when you don’t wait long enough to eat the pizza…you’re starving, it smells exquisite, you know its probably a bad idea but you go for it anyway…fuckin owwww…hot hot hot…son of a…mmm, pizza. I want pizza now. Damn. Anyways…The Plugs…yes…now you’re mouth is burnt…so how does this apply to The Plugs? Well, with a burnt mouth, food won’t taste the same…but it was well worth it…no regrets! You see, after listening to The Plugs, other music just won’t sound as good. But you regret nothing. Because The Plugs rocked your fuckin world.

…jk, we’re just alright.


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