The Pxrtals

Radio Station: Saskatoon
Alternative / Electronica / Rock

The Pxrtals (pronounced “portals”) was formed by Lévi Soulodre to make music based on the whole of his life and his bands’ influences: the “x” variable indicates The Pxrtals’ flow across the musical spectrum from ambient, meditative washes to mind-bending psychedelic sonic forays, with a musical focal point in classic 1960’s psychedelic / rock / pop bridging 90’s alternative rock: think Roy Orbison’s ghost trekking an ageless forest to a soundtrack featuring Arcade Fire and The Tragically Hip, welcoming you into The Pxrtals, an exuberan and ethereal musical rock n’ roll experience as we emerge into the 2020s…

The Pxrtals’ sonic-spans lends to the group’s unique performance variability. In 2019, performances ranged from an acoustic set at Gateway Festival, an EDM set at Bass in the Bush Festival, and full band performances:
Full band:
Solo / acoustic (on CBC’s Ici Saskatchewan):
Electronic / DJ:

The Pxrtals’ debut 2018 album ‘Un Jour,’ was praised by Northern Transmissions blog as “opening a gateway in time and space.” Live Nation UK has deemed the ‘One Night’ sophomore album an “magnificent opus”, which was released on February 14th, 2020. Its opening song “Coolin’ Sun” was included in Canadian music authority Exclaim!’s ‘Valentine’s Day-Eh’ playlist @ track #24.

Exclaim! “Coolin’ Sun” video premiere:

The Pxrtals have been featured on many press sites around the world (Music-News UK [London, UK], Vents Magazine [Dominican Republic], Grayowl Point [Toronto], and CBC Saskatchewan, amongst others. “Rock n’ roll can never die”!


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Band video:

"1000 Years From Now (Live)": "Coolin' Sun": "Life With You: "Hidden Frame":