The Sun Harmonic

Radio Station: Ottawa
Alternative / Indie / Rock

The Sun Harmonic is the creative outlet for Canadian musician Kaleb Hikele; an eclectic songwriter and adventurous recording artist who comes from the small town of St. Thomas, Canada. Classical-trained pianist first, folk/rock songsmith second, The Sun Harmonic started performing in 2009 as a solo artist and has been accompanied by opera singers, a chamber string orchestra, and today is backed by his rock and roll trio. With two new singles, A Heart So Heavy and In The Forest, released in Spring 2019, he’s put to rest his first ten years as The Sun Harmonic with a vinyl release and Ontario tour to celebrate the next ten years.

After releasing a debut album in 2009 and then two more albums in 2010, Kaleb looked to his studio to produce indie albums, run a grassroots record label and create his own side projects for years. As time passed, Kaleb blossomed creatively with a songwriting project that revolved around the piano and the season of winter. He worked on writing, recording and creating the album for 8 winter years, and in 2017 debuted the album simply titled “Winter”. It is a concept album, a double album, ranging from folk, rock, jazz to his classical roots. The next concept album is on the way, a folk record made across the country in studios from Vancouver to Halifax, this time only 5 years in the making. Coast To Coast is set to arrive mid to late 2020, following a new rock band EP also coming from the song and dance man.

The Sun Harmonic comes to life on stage with intimate solo performances on guitar & piano, or amplified with his live band to invite you to dance and sing along. With his life-spanning catalog of original songs at hand, he sings just like he wears his heart on his sleeve.


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