The Tackies

Radio Station: Ottawa
Alternative / Indie / Rock

We are a 4 piece creative rock band, from Ottawa. We met in University, all studying Music. The band started as friendships evolving into a family that works incredibly well together, we all share the same passion and we have the same vision as to what we want to create and bring to the table, which is the flavor of rock that experiences no stylistic boundaries, the type of show that belongs not only to 1 sub genre of rock. We are very talented songwriters and players who understand the relations of what we create to those who listen. The Tackies is a band that stands on it’s own and embraces it’s diversity in social genres. An interesting task to pull off but it’s what makes us happiest to create, and we’ve been seeing an appetite for it. Our shows are wildly energetic while keeping it tasteful, a show that brings it all, such as an opening rock anthem, a multitude of intricate riffs, an elegant sing along with coastal flavors and a flashy amp cranking encore. Our sets can vary upon environment, we can rock a small club, as well as having filled up the sound range of bigger festival stages.