Wave 21

Radio Station: Montreal
Rock / Pop

Wave 21 is a new rock/pop band from Montreal. Fronted by singer-songwriter Mary-Lynn Doroschuk, Wave 21 has strong influences by the Eagles, Tom Petty and Fleetwood Mac.
Pure rock songs mixed with a little more rocking pop-country songs make for a melodic mix of lush harmonies and artful power that is Wave 21. With their self-titled first album released in 2018, the band has been playing live in and around Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. Wave 21 are continuously working on new material, and they are preparing to release a new single in the spring of 2020.

Aside from her time in Wave 21, Mary-Lynn also sings in the McGill University Choir, and is also working towards her degree in music and sound recording, in order to continually hone her craft, and for the love of music.

Growing up in a musical family, Mary-Lynn started playing guitar at an early age, and went on to perform in a Beatles cover-band in her teens. In 2017, she formed Wave 21 and has been rocking ever since!


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