Where We Wander

Radio Station: Vancouver

Our group hails a virtually crowd-funded EP, released on every major music platform, we have released a music video involving many of our fans from the very beginning of our journey, and we are committed to constantly bringing the heat for every opportunity that comes our way, whether it is in the studio or on the stage.

That is how we are able to spend our time opening for established pioneer bands like 5440, Chilliwack, and Loverboy, and Royal Tusk!

We have worked hard to release a music video for “Penelope”, which can be found on Youtube, as well as we are starting off 2020 by releasing a new single called “A1” on February 1st that can be heard on all major music platforms.

We have been good friends since childhood and have shared the same dream collectively for as long as we can remember.

This band has taken old friends and turned us into family in which we have no seams, joining together relentless rock n roll force.

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Band video:

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