Zulu Panda

Radio Station: Vancouver
indie folk rock,Indie Rock,Singer songwriter

Canadiana indie-rocker Wesley David Scott is the songwriting mastermind behind Zulu Panda. Flowing seamlessly from up-tempo rockers to acoustic campfire ballads, the music of Zulu Panda is equal parts raw passion and folksy charm. His tongue-in-cheek lyrics and get-up-and-go rock ‘n’ roll style harken back to legendary groups like the Tragically Hip and Wilco. He makes music straight from the basement of his soul. He possesses a charmingly witty disposition, paired well with a voice that sounds as if he has swallowed an amplifier. Zulu Panda has three impressive records under his belt, each of which is packed with audacious themes. He is constantly making and performing music, always searching for new ways to challenge how he lives and breathes his craft.


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