Hugo Mudie and Fred Jacques are the two main creative forces behind the now defunct yet still massively legendary Sainte Catherines and Yesterday’s Ring. With the passing of both these incredible bands, many believed that these road-hardened music veterans would succumb to the temptations of domestic bliss, Hochelaga BBQs and beer-soaked nostalgia about the good ol’ days. Thankfully, their new project Miracles is here to prove them all wrong. Hugo and Fred draw on their wide array of influences including Joe Strummer, Steve Earle, Bruce Springsteen, The Pogues and Richard Séguin while blending them with their hard-earned and unique personal insights garnered from years of blood, sweat and tears on the road. Miracles deliver heartfelt, sincere and tongue-in-cheek folk rock masterpieces without bending to clichés or tired formulas.

Not ones to rest while waiting for the release of their debut album, Miracles has played numerous shows across Canada sharing the stage with such notables as Chuck Ragan, Joey Cape, Tim Barry and Drag The River while performing headlining slots at Rock Fest, Pouzza Fest and Pouzza Palooza.

Miracles just feels like the logical progression from Yesterday’s Ring. Traditional acoustic instruments (stand up bass, banjo, horns, guitars) are arranged beautifully to compliment the rough, melodic and poetic lyrics of Mudie and Jacques. Leaving their comfort zone behind, the boys have ventured into new and surprising territory with the resulting album sure to become an instant classic.