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Enter the Jim Beam Talent Search and win your chance to perform at Canadian Music Week in front of thousands of industry insiders from Canada and around the world. Talent buyers, booking agents, festival programmers, music publishers, A&R reps, managers, music supervisors, and more are all at your fingertips, looking for the next big thing. You can be one of them, but only if you submit. One grand prize winner will win the opportunity to perform live on stage at the 2019 JIM BEAM INDIE AWARDS  at the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto, May 11, 2019. APPLYING IS FREE Register Now or login below if you already have an account  
    Once you have registered or logged in you can Make your submission online. HERE’S HOW IT WORKS:
  • Competition is open to Indie and emerging artists not signed to a major record label (some restrictions apply)
  • All entrants must submit one original song in an mp3 format or submit a live performance video via YouTube to local station website or
  • Five (5) indie or emerging artists will be selected from regional entries to perform live at a showcase event at a local live music venue in each participating market (Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, London, Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal) and Halifax  (dates and venues to be announced). Fifty (50)  finalists in total competition.
  • The winning regional artists will be entered into the national competition, where judges will select one band to perform live at the Indies Awards.
(See full list of rules & regs) Perks of applying
  • Winning performers will receive a complementary pass to attend CMW’s Music Summit 2019 (valued at $799 CAD) which gives you access to panels and discussions as well as the mentor’s café, where you can connect with industry experts from around the globe
Please fill out the following information. This account will be the main contact for this band. You do not have to complete the application all at once. You can log in anytime before the application deadline. Application Deadline is December 15th, 2018


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