2023 Jim Beam® National Talent Search


Canadian Music Week (CMW) is pleased to welcome back and produce the 2023 Jim Beam® National Talent Search  LIVE this year!  Online submissions are open to all Canadian residents until April 7, 2023. The finalist showdown is back LIVE this year!

CMW and the Jim Beam® National Talent Search will provide 5 of Canada’s best new bands with their chance to win to perform at Canadian Music Week in front of thousands of industry insiders from Canada and around the world. Talent buyers, booking agents, festival programmers, music publishers, A&R reps, managers, music supervisors, and more are all at your fingertips, looking for the next big thing.  Wait…there’s more!!!  Prize information below.

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FAQ 2023 Jim Beam Indie Awards

Can I submit to more than one category? 

Yes – Early Bird: A fee of $40.00 CAD each for the first two (2) nominations. For 3 or more nominations a fee of $100.00 CAD is applied as a one-time cost for all submissions.

After March 19th nominations will be $50.00 CAD each for the first two (2) nominations. For 3 or more nominations a fee of $120.00 CAD.

Are Non-Canadians eligible for any of the categories? 

There are 2 categories open to non-Canadians. INTERNATIONAL ARTIST and INDUSTRY BUILDER. The rest are exclusively for Canadians. (see definition at Criteria)

How do I ensure that my entry was submitted properly?

Once you have completed and paid for your online application you will receive an email confirmation.

If I am asked to provide proof of my release date, what information do I need to provide?

You may submit a manufacturing invoice, a letter from the distributor or record company, or proof of internet point of sale.

Can I pay for my submission online?

Yes. Once all fields are entered properly during the submission process you will be prompted to a screen which will allow you to pay online with VISA, MasterCard or AMEX. 

Who is eligible to receive the Music Video of the Year award?

The award will go to the Director and the Artist (if they are Canadian). In order to submit, the Director must be Canadian. If the Artist is not Canadian, the director will receive the award.

What defines a full album length

A full album must consist of six individual tracks.

Are live albums eligible?

A “Live Album” may be eligible if 50% or more of the of songs are new and not previously released. “Live” refers to albums that are recorded live with an audience/virtual audience in a concert setting.